MIS Library Media Center

Library Media Specialist- Erin Mills

Madisonville Intermediate School's library is staffed by one highly qualified library media specialist. The library serves approximately 550 students for 40 minutes per class each week. Our entire library is computerized so items can be accessed through our school-based OPAC, online public access catalog, by keyword, title, author, or subject. We have an Accelerated  Reader program that is networked throughout the entire school.  The program encourages students to read more books. Every time a student reads an AR book they can take a test on the book and earn points to be traded in for prizes. We also give away a bicycle at the end of the year to a boy and girl from each grade level as an AR prize.  Each time a student makes 100% on a quiz, their name is recorded on a slip of paper which is placed in a box at the end of the year for the bicycle drawing.  The more times a student makes 100%, the greater his or her chances for winning a bicycle!   We also recognize students who earn 100 points-medallion, 200 points-small trophy, & 300 points-large trophy presented at the end-of-year awards ceremonies. The school furnishes the prizes for the children. 


Take an AR Quiz by clicking the link below:


Take an AR Quiz


Look for your RL=Reading Level or BL=Book Level color on the chart below. This chart is posted throughout the library as well. After you take your Star Reading test in the computer lab, Mrs. Duncan and/or your teacher will tell you what your colors are based on your scores. You need to be reading books in your color range until your next testing time, at which, your colors may change as your test scores change. Points are not awarded on texts that are considered guided reading such as most textbook reading selections. Most of our library books are not considered guided reading and do have AR quizzes available for points. If you are unsure about whether a book has a quiz available or not, you can look it up using this link: AR Book Finder.