About Accelerated Reader

The purpose of the “Student Assessment of Reading” (STAR) and the “Accelerated Reading” (AR) programs is to make students better readers and provide incentives to read more books.  There is also an emphasis put on reading some non –fiction books to prepare students for academic reading in the future. 

STAR is a quick assessment of reading and vocabulary.  It uses a cloze procedure to assess reading ability.  Cloze procedure uses sentences with words left out and the students attempt to choose the correct word to put in the blank.  This is done 2-3 times a year unless there is a reason to do it more often. This helps determine appropriate books for a student’s reading level. 

AR is what you will most often hear about at home.  AR consists of reading and vocabulary quizzes to indicate reading comprehension.  Quizzes are taken on the computer and points are earned for the quizzes taken.  Points per book are determined by the computer program itself and based upon reading difficulty and length of book. To earn all points for a book read the student must be at 100% and scoring anything less than a 60% will not earn any points.  

How to find information about AR books:

  • Go to http://www.arbookfind.com/
  • Click on the AR Book Finder icon
  • You can now search by author, title, or partial title and you can find the reading level and points available
  • Remember full points are only rewarded if the student gets a 100% on the quiz.
  • Partial points are rewarded unless a student gets less than a 60% on a quiz and then no points are rewarded.


Click here to login to Clever and take Accelerate Reader AR Quiz

To take an AR quiz, students will login through Clever with their permanent ID (they have been given their login information from their teacher) and find the Accelerated Reader icon in their Clever dashboard. Each student will log-in the same way regardless of what computer he or she is using and can use many of the programs inside Clever at home, but students can take AR tests only at school. Parents may set up an account so that they have direct access to their child's record but will not be able to make changes to it. Please let Mrs. Duncan know if you want to set up an account and need help. There is a form to fill out online if you click on the Parent Login link. You can also email Mrs. Duncan at duncanc@monroe.k12.tn.us or call 423-442-2454 for more information.



Students will be given the opportunity to "spend" their points during a designated time at the end of the school year. BONUS: Every time a student makes 100% on an Accelerated Reader test, that student's name will be placed in a box labeled male or female for a drawing to be held at the end of the year on awards day. Each classroom teacher will keep their own box until the end of the year. At that time, all boxes will be combined into one box for the drawing. A male and female from each grade level whose names are drawn from the box will receive a bicycle. Below is a list of examples of items students can spend their points for at the end of the year with their accumulated points:
25 Points
End of Year -Movie Party in the Library


50 Points
Independent Study Day


The total number of points a student earns throughout the year are tallied at the end of the school year and are used to be considered for the following awards:




Note: spent points are not deducted from the total for the end of the year awards. Awards are based on the total points earned for the year up to a specific date set about 2 to 3 weeks before the last day of school in order to have the correct number of medallions and trophies ordered in time for awards days.