Handbells at MIS

The Monroe Area Council for the Arts, through the John D. Grubb and Louis G. Sumner Fund, is providing a select group of students with a handbells class for one week DURING SCHOOL near the end of April. A maximum of ten students will be offered this opportunity this year.  Applications will be considered for this handbell opportunity through March. No applications will be accepted after March to allow us the opportunity to prepare for this very special experience.

Selected students will be given information at the beginning of April.

This is free and is completely during school hours.

If you would like to apply…


On a notebook paper write your full name, teacher, and grade.


In no less than one paragraph, tell us why you would like to learn the handbells.


Please do not write more than one page or less than one paragraph. No less than four sentences!


Please turn in your application to Mrs. Sage by March 22nd.