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Notice: Please return the lab to the library at the end of your scheduled reserved time(s). Please do not pass the lab on to other teachers after you use them because it is harder to keep the schedule on track if it is not known which classroom each lab moves to unless they are allotted to a specific room number on the date for which they have been reserved. If a group of teachers wish to pass a lab from room to room over a period of consecutive days, the number of the room and teacher name where the lab moves to needs to be reported to Mrs. Duncan so the location of each lab is known at all times to keep the scheduling organized. Thank you. 

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Please return tablets in numerical order inside cabinets after use and plug chargers into them before returning to the library. If any problems are found on any tablet, please describe the problem encountered on a sticky note and place on top of the cabinet when returning to the library. If you have checked out a lab for consecutive dates, you may keep the lab in your room with all tablets in cabinet, locked with key kept in a safe place, otherwise, labs must be returned to the library immediately after your allotted time to allow for maintenance and charging to ready labs for use by the next teacher on the schedule. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our Chrome Labs available for all to use and in great shape so we can use them for a very long time! 

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